Determination of solar radiation Patterns for Implementing a Photovoltaic based micro grid power generation in Geidam area

  • Babangida Jauro Mohammed Lecturer
Keywords: Key words: Solar radiation, renewable energy, Microgrid, hybrid system


In this study, an assessment of solar radiation patterns for sustainable solar implementation was carried out to investigate the possibility of supplying electricity from a renewable energy-supplemented system based on PV solar system to Geidam. One of the major rural centers in Yobe state. The town despite having a population of more than 157thousand people (according to 2006 census), is yet to enjoy its own quota of the national electricity grid due to remoteness and distance from the generating stations available in the country and the environmental condition of the area that doesn’t allow poles to stay long, this makes transmission to these areas uneconomical. Because of the great need to reduce the cost of erecting poles every year, a feasibility study needs be carried out on how to supply electricity to a sampled residential load. The electric load will consists of only a primary type that is in-line with the present electricity consumption in the area.