Mohammed Zannah

Nexus Between Entrepreneurial Development and Employment Generation. The Role of Entrepreneurship Centre in Yobe State.

  • Mohammed Zannah Yunusari Mai Idris Alooma Polytechnic Geidam
Keywords: skill acquisition, entrepreneur, development, employment, training Introduction



This study has investigated the nexus between entrepreneurship development centres and employment generation in some higher institution in Yobe state. Yobe state is choose because of over depending of people on government employment than self-employment via some training in skill development centres in the state. The study employed quantitative method. The population of the study was 530 students of skill development centre/entrepreneurship development centre, of various higher institution of the state. questionnaire was used as instrument for data collection. The instrument was personally administered by the researcher and some research assistant employed and retrieved back and analysed using descriptive statistic and Statistical Package of Social Science (SPSS). The study found that the skill development centres has enough qualified and trained personnel and facilities. The trainee was only limited to some trade/skill, this mandate some trainee to go for trade which is not of their interest. This shows that the training centre are giving training to eligible youth in the state which lead to employment and economic growth. The finding recommends government and non-governmental organisations to establish more skill centres, provide tool to the trained youth to put in practice the skill gained at the centre.