Effect of Superplaticiser in Fresh Properties of Self Compacting Concrete with Silica Fume

Keywords: Self-compacting, concrete, Superplasticizer, silica fume, fresh properties compressive Strength


Self-compacting Concrete (SCC) is a new category of concrete which flows under its own weight. It does not require any external vibration for compaction. Due to many advantages of this concrete, it is suitable for the situations where congested reinforcement is used. In this Project self-compacting concrete is developed using various percentages of silica fume,30% ,40% and 50% by weight of cement as partial replacement of cement. The rheological strength has been assessed This research presents the result of an experimental programmed that has been carried out, aimed at investigating of fresh properties of SCC contain silica fume and superplasticizer. The hardening state properties of the concrete were evaluated. Finally, some hardened state properties of the concrete were assessed, the water cement ratio was maintained 0.5 for all the mixes. Properties included workability, compressive strength, all were evaluated. The result indicated that the medium volume contain of silica fume can be used in SCC to produce good strength concrete with this type of superplasticizer that originated from waste material. High absorption values are obtained with increasing amount of silica fume however almost all the specimen exhibits absorption of less than 5%. The result of mechanical properties compressive strength for 2% have shown significant performance compare with the control mixes